Forged items, used in the design, give color and accent on attention, highlight the style of the establishment.

Seppo Ilmarinen Forge bodies. (8-921-2) 28-15-72 actively introducing forged elements in the design and decor.

Very interesting combination of exclusive forging and gothic steampunk style directions. Fine handmade!

It is interesting to restaurateurs, hoteliers, owners of clubs.

The Kitchen, Bistro at Petrozavodsk, Lenin Avenue, 7

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It is interesting to owners of trading platforms, restaurateurs, hoteliers, owners of clubs open their places in historic buildings, and a variety of styles:

  • decorations and logo
  • baskets and inserts
  • bolyasiny
  • curls
  • outlet
  • country-style interiors, loft, vintage, fantasy, steampunk, gothic ...
  • visors.

Price does not exist, because every project is unique and is not replicated.

To place an order you need to contact us by phone 28-15-72 Petrozavodsk 8-921-2-28-15-72, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Delivery of the Republic of Karelia, St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, in Russia and abroad.

Forged, welded products and structures, forged gifts and souvenirs, wrought-iron furniture and decor in the stele loft, steampunk, vintage, gothic, fantasy ... We are glad that you have paid for the products of your choice in our forge. We hope that, thanks to the wide range and uniqueness of our products, as well as open and most importantly affordable pricing policy you will become our regular customers!