Plasma cutting

Авторские уникальные изделия из металла способом плазменной резки

Production copyright of unique metal products for apartments, town houses, plots and various institutions in the individual order with delivery in Russia and graitsu. Exclusive designs and metal scenes by plasma cutting by Seppo Ilmarinen forges (8-921-2) 28-15-72, Petrozavodsk Republic of Karelia.

Plasma cutting has a number of advantages in the manufacture of metal products: high precision cutting; the maximum thickness of the metal - 40 mm; production of custom-design; operational efficiency; originality and uniqueness.
Art of metal cutting to order - a new trend!

With plasma cutting equipment manufactured various components, decorative items and products:

  • fences
  • fences
  • goal
  • doors
  • Ddekorativnye panel decorations
  • pictures
  • screens, including Heating system
  • barbecues
  • furniture
  • urns
  • Signs
  • Indices
  • pinwheels ...

Our craftsmen are ready to work on non-standard projects.

You may also be interested in owners marketplaces, restaurateurs, hoteliers, owners of clubs, opening their establishments in historic buildings and a variety of styles:

  • forged decorative elements and logo
  • wrought iron baskets and inserts
  • forged bolyasiny
  • pinstripes forged
  • forged socket
  • forged interior items in country style, loft, vintage, fantasy, steampunk, gothic ...
  • wrought iron shelves, chairs, stands and watches in loft
  • forged visors
  • etc.

Price does not exist, since every project is unique and is not replicated.
To place an order you need to contact us by phone 28-15-72 Petrozavodsk 8-921-2-28-15-72 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Delivery of Karelia in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, in Russia and abroad.


Forged, welded products and structures, forged gifts and souvenirs, wrought-iron furniture and decor in the stele loft, steampunk, vintage, gothic, fantasy, Plasma cutting of metal ... We are glad that you have paid your choice on the products of our forges. We hope that, thanks to the wide range and uniqueness of our products, as well as open and most importantly affordable pricing policy you will become our regular customers!