Loft - architectural style of XX-XXI century, was converted into a shelter, workshop or office space the upper part of industrial buildings (factories, warehouses).
Loft - it's probably one of the youngest and most original styles of interior decoration.
Direction "loft" (English Loft is -. "Attic") was born in the 40s of XX century. in the industrial districts of New York. Another jump in land prices in the city center forced the owners of industrial enterprises leave their rooms and bring manufacturing to the suburbs. Abandoned factory buildings met buying interest on the part of the bohemian, attracted both functional characteristics (high ceilings, good lighting) and low compared to conventional apartments, rental rates. Having passed the way from shop to a stylish rooms, lofts were at the height of fashion in the 1950s. It was here was focused artistic life in New York. Fashion artists lofts opened in their galleries and studios. A textbook example - "Factory" by Andy Warhol, from 1962 to 1968 is located in Manhattan on the 5th floor of the house at 231 47th Street. Soon after the original housing completely entrenched elite status. To remove a large area in the historic center of the city, in buildings, already close to that after so many years to get the status of a monument of architecture, young artists became not afford it, and they were replaced by successful lawyers and financiers.
At its core, the loft is the result of the conversion of industrial premises in residential. In our country the loft has just appeared, but it is growing rapidly. But even if your disposal there is a whole floor of some of the former factory, can be styled under the loft and a conventional apartment. This style is ideal for young people, students and creative individuals.
Loft style colors
The loft-style commonly used colors cool colors (metallic, blue, etc.). A distinctive feature of the color palette loft style that often, for contrast, one of the four walls made of a different color, for example, three walls in one room brick and covered with a metal plastering. This effect is needed for the distribution of zones in the room.
The furniture in the loft
The furniture is mostly metal or painted "under the metal", but is also used wooden furniture, light and dark tones. The furniture in the loft style is usually simple and functional. Furniture often performs the function of partitions (walls) between the rooms, that is, it divides the space into parts.
Architectural details of the loft style
Special attention deserve the loft-style details. It's the legacy of the past factory, ladders, various pipes, ventilation systems, factory tools, etc. Also pay attention to the window. Windows should be, if possible, wide and tall (to the floor) without curtains, lace and curtains. This is necessary for maximum interior lighting. For artificial lighting is often used hanging chandeliers.
Modernity and loft
Now the properties of the "loft" are becoming popular in the CIS. Currently, developers sometimes easier to demolish the old plant or factory and to build on a vacant place the new building. Only a few of them dare to undertake the reconstruction of the factory buildings without their complete demolition.
Also popular "pastiche" of private apartments under the "loft", such objects are sometimes called neoloft.
Art space and loft
Former industrial space with their huge areas and high ceilings can be used not only for housing but also for the organization of multi-functional cultural center with exhibition halls, cafes, restaurants, offices, concert venues. Factory of Andy Warhol launched the trend that swept across America and then Europe.
The walls, floor and ceiling in the loft
Part of the wall can be left unfinished: brick and concrete - it is one of the hallmarks of the style. Everything else crumble or cover with plaster. The decoration can not particularly excel, because, according to the laws of the loft, the simpler the walls look better. The peculiarity of the style - the allocation of areas of the room or flat color can be designated sleeping area dark, the guest - a light, and to "eating" zones optimally suited dark red and terracotta. By the way, just so you can at minimum cost to finish is now popular apartments with free planning. The floors are wooden reserve, if desired closing virtually any carpets. In the kitchen and in the bathroom tiles needed. Ceiling paint the part "under the wall" with color zoning - it will create a sense of completeness zone.
We arrange the furniture in the loft
Loft leaves room for imagination, so that the furniture can be any except, perhaps, a variety of variations on the theme of the bourgeois. It is best to look in this style metal beds, folding chairs, light tables. For additional zoning often used open shelves. To make the interior more expressive it can be supplemented with antiques or just old furniture and accessories: solid cast-iron bath, antique chair with leather upholstery, a gramophone and so on.
Practical advice in the style of a loft
To create a complete style you want to use personal accents, as loft inherently quite faceless. Arrange on the tables and shelves of your favorite books and figurines, decorate the room carpets and accessories to your liking. In addition to the loft is characterized by an abundance of modern technology and, consequently, more technology-based environment, so do not be afraid to leave the wires, sockets and switches open the eyes of strangers. You can add to all this a little bohemian carelessness that will complete the picture.

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